Friday, November 9, 2012

Husker-fied Friday

So typically I have fun at work because I enjoy the people I work with.... well... most of the people I work with. Beside the point, at work we have many college football fans, but most of them belong in other divisions- SEC, Big 12, etc... Only one person at work has a team also located within the Big 10 Conference- Aaron. He's an alumni and fan of Michigan State Spartans. Coincidentally, they were set to play against each other this year. So Aaron and I made a bet at the beginning of the season... the loser will wear the other teams jersey/shirt to work the following Friday.

So last Friday, Nebraska played Michigan State and I had almost resigned myself to having to walk around in a Spartan green jersey. Thank goodness for Taylor Martinez and 6 more seconds on the clock. As a result, Aaron got stuck wearing Husker red. And he was such a good sport about it!

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