Monday, November 26, 2012

The Honda Does it Again

 So as we have yet to resolve the great Minivan/SUV debate (click here for more details) we decided upon and took the Honda Accord to DC.... again. This time however there were 2 key differences:

1. We had another person in the car (Connor), giving us a total of 4 people and 1 dog cramped in the supposedly 5 passenger vehicle.

2. We went for Thanksgiving instead of Christmas and therefore did not experience any snow or blizzard like conditions... thankfully.

We also discovered a few other things:

1. Sophie has developed a concept of personal space and we often heard her complain that Oscar was invading that space. We would hear "Mom, Oscar's on my pillow.", "Mom, Oscar's touching me", "Mom, I don't want Oscar by me" throughout the trip.

2. We need to invest time and energy into doing yoga, because that is what it takes for the front passenger to hold the bottle and feed Connor who is facing backward behind the driver's seat.

3. Absolutely everyone felt cramped... the exception being Connor. Even Oscar was not comfortable just sitting on the front passenger's lap.

4. The Honda Accord almost has 270,000 miles on it and it still made it there and back... and to all of the stops and sights along the way. Now that's not to say we won't have to deal with mechanical issues soon... but we were not stuck along the interstate during our trip like I feared.

5. We sure can pack a trunk. Barely was there a square foot left free in the trunk and/or within the car itself. We packed that Honda. Which probably also means we probably should look at getting more room since we had things packed beneath our feet and seats as well.

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