Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Visiting Tom, Frank, & Marty

On our second 'official' day in Virginia, Brian, Sophie, Connor, and I packed up to see some of the sites we missed on our first visit to Washington D.C.

Instead of driving we decided to be a bit more adventurous and hop on the Metro. Brian had previously been on the Metro when he visited DC with his family in 2000, but it was a first for Sophie, Connor, and I.

On our list were 3 monuments in that National Mall- Jefferson Memorial, FDR Memorial, and Martin Luther King Jr., monument. Each of these 3 were overlooked for various reasons (not enough time, didn't know about it, wasn't built) and we are glad we rectified the oversight and visited each of these men's memorials.

Tom or Thomas Jefferson was an overall bad ass. His accomplishments include writing the Declaration of Independence (maybe you've heard of it?), Governor of Virginia, Ambassador to France, Washington's Secretary of State, Adam's Vice President, Third U.S. President, oversaw the Louisiana Purchase and Louis and Clark Expedition, and founded the University of Virginia. Like I said... BAD ASS. His monument is very minimal with just his statue in the center covered by a dome held aloft on pillars. Very minimal for a monumental bad ass President and person.


Frank or Franklin Delanor Roosevelt's memorial site is located west of the Jefferson Memorial. It is not as advertised or known about, but it was amazing and very well done. Lots of waterfalls, sculptures, and quotes. Sophie's favorite (of course) was the Frank's dog- Fala. There was also a statue of his wife... sometimes I think she'd rather not be associated with Philandering Frank, but nevertheless she's there too. I guess at least for her sake she's separated from him in the memorial by several feet and a solid stone wall.

Lastly we met Marty. Marty or Martin Luther King Jr. was not there when we first visited DC 3 years ago, so he's now the new kid on the block. He also is/was not an American President unlike the rest. He's also the only dark skinned American honored on the National Mall. But don't worry, Tom is looking out for him and his monument is south west of Martin Luther King Jr. And he's in good hands, because well.... we all know about Tom and Sally Hemings. Marty was smaller than what I thought he'd be from the pictures, but nevertheless huge honor to stand among our nations most notable presidents.

Overall favorite monument- FDR's memorial.
Overall favorite President- really? you have to ask? Bad Ass Jefferson
Overall most popular President on the Mall- Abe Lincoln.... he's still got it.
Overall tallest erection- got to be Washington Monument... too bad Martha's not around to see it.

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  1. Y'all always have so much fun!! I've nominated you for the Liebster Award! You can check it out on my blog!