Monday, December 24, 2012

Car Wars Conclusion

So, in a previous post (which you can find here), Brian and I had the epic debate- SUV vs. Van. I was 'for' the sportier SUV, while Brian was for the more practical Mom van. This debate has gone on for over a year and we have finally come to a conclusion. As we speak, my fantastic blue Honda Accord of almost 270,000 miles is sitting at the nearby Honda dealership along with what was previously my car title. While my car was sold, I'm still holding out for the belief that MY car will outbeat his vehicle in mileage before large maintenance. So the adventures of Rupert (my car's name provided by my roommate Theresa) have come to a conclusion.

Moment of silence please.

Ok, so my car is gone and a new vehicle now sits in our garage. But the question is... SUV or Van?

*Jeopardy theme song now playing in my head*

We went for the 2013 Honda Odyssey van. Yes yes... well aware this is a van. We had considered a Honda Pilot (SUV) and a Toyota Highlander (SUV) while reviewing Brian's spreadsheet. But after I went to the Honda and Toyota dealership to look at the SUVs, I realized that with 1 car seat and 1 booster seat we really wouldn't be able to ever use the 3rd row seating because it would be difficult to access... for kids or adults. So essentially coming to realize that we would not be able to logically use an SUV without lots of frustration I started checking out the vans. We had 2 vans in mind... Toyota Sienna and Honda Odyssey. Both ranked well on our spreadsheet and met all our needs. However, the Honda Odyssey was cooler and offered many more features compared to the Toyota Sienna.

So techinically Brian won both battles, but I got to pick the color! Brian isn't too happy about the black. But if Bruce Wayne had 2+ kids he had to drive to preschool, this is the vehicle he would drive.... the BatVan.

Favorite feature so far... dual climate and heated seats! No more freeze out!

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