Thursday, December 13, 2012

Introducing our Shelf Elf- Digby

We are joining the popular Christmas Craze of Elf on the Shelf and so far Digby... our elf... is a hit! The book, Elf on the Shelf, is about how Santa's elf comes to children's homes and reports back behavior to Santa Claus every night and returns every morning. Each home has one of Santa's elves assigned to them and each one upon entering a home receives a name from their adopted family. Since Connor didn't seem to have a preference, Sophie and I selected the name Digby. (The name Digby is a character in Disney's movie- Summer Magic).  Digby also will take children's Christmas list requests back to Santa as well. Based upon Digby's daily behavior reports, Santa will decide if our children deserve those requests.This book is too cute!

So today (12 days before Christmas) Santa brought Digby into our home with his story (aka-book). Sophie and Connor sat on my lap as I read the story and questioned them throughout. Sophie had me read it twice! But she definitely understood the story.

Sophie: Mom we can't touch Digby because he will lose his magic and then he can't take me to the North Pole. And I can't fly... I cannot. But Digby can!

Sophie: I want Barbies. Digby will tell Santa I want Barbies. And Connor, Connor he wants cars... right Connor?

Connor throughout the whole time just sat on my lap listening to the story sucking on his pacifier. He seemed pretty passive about this, but I bet he's just respecting the elf.... you know?

Tonight Sophie even made an extra effort to behave because she knew Digby was watching her. There were a lot of "Yes ma'ams", and "Daddy I love you" and "Can Connor please play with me?". She was really laying it on thick. Oh I really wish we had started doing this earlier in the year!

Anyway, this year we will begin our first holiday season with Digby... our elf on the shelf!

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