Saturday, December 15, 2012

SMU MBA Graduation Dec. 2012

So about 4 years ago when Sophie was 6 months old I thought that Brian was done with his collegiate education after earning his second bachelor's degree (Engineering). Four years later, I have another 6 month old (and my 4 year old) and I'm hoping for the same thing as Brian graduates with his MBA from SMU. 

While it was not easy for either of us, Brian with the demands of work and school and I with the demands of the kids, I'm glad that Brian had the opportunity to be part of SMU's Cox's School of  Business. We have made several wonderful friends.

And for many of us, we've even dealt with pregnancy and children while our husbands were in class. One was actually dealing with pregnancy and children while being a student at SMU!

Either way, it was nice to gather together with friends to celebrate two good years together. Getting an MBA from a top university is a major accomplishment, and Brian and most of our friends did so while also going to work. Needless to say we are surrounded by some pretty spectacular friends.

And we were thankful for Brian's family who came to celebrate with us. (However, I don't think we'll make it through another 2 hour graduation ceremony any time soon.)

I hope we continue to remain in contact (not just via Facebook). Until then, congratulations to Brian and all our SMU MBA friends.

Until then I'm sure you'll find us busy... with the kids following Brian. 

For more information about SMUs MBA program, click HERE.

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