Sunday, December 2, 2012

Somewhere in Shenandoah

Shenandoah is the most visited National Park in the U.S. and it also happens to be located in Virginia. Since living in Texas we have missed all the hiking opportunities we had when we lived in Arkansas. So this was a chance for us to take in some beautiful scenery and get out and hike.

We only really did one hike- Deep Hollow Falls. Beautiful! (These pictures were taken by Brian)

Funny story about this too. Sophie learned exactly what it meant to use the bathroom in a nature setting (aka- no toilet in sight). Brian would be embarrassed that I posted this, but Sophie was so proud that she did this and made comments about it on the return hike to the car. (And as much as I love taking pictures to "document the moment"... I did not do so in this case. Or even consider it... just in case you were wondering.)

I think we got there a little late in the season. We were hoping for a beautiful autumn landscape with trees in bright colors... instead we got trees mostly barren and some snow on the ground. Guess you start to forget when seasons start and end when you live in the south for several years.

By the end of our hiking expedition (3 miles round trip), the kids were exhausted! Yep... I really miss hiking.

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