Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Sophie Says...


Sophie: "Mommy I heard Santa with a fork"
Daddy: What do you mean you heard him with a fork?
S: I heard him with a fork. He didn't say Ho Ho Ho.


Mommy: "What is wrong? Don't you like Mommy's new car?"
Sophie: "No. I wanted a bigger white van"


Sophie: Mommy did Santa Claus come?
Mommy: Why don't you go downstairs and look (happened at 7am on Christmas)
Sophie: Mommy, there is something in my STOCKING! Come look!
Mommy: Did he put something under the tree too?
Sophie: Hold on I go check.
(3 minutes later)
Mommy: Sophie? Did you check to see if there is anything under the tree?
Sophie: Mommy, Santa filled up my stocking!
Mommy: Yes. Did he put presents under the tree?
Sophie: YES! Can we go downstairs and open them?


Mommy: Ouch! Sophie you bonked my head. That hurt.
Sophie: No I just tapped it. It doesn't hurt.
M: Yes it did.
S: Let me see.
(Sophie puts her head and rests it on my head)
S: I can't hear anything so it's ok.


Mommy: Sophie did you put the shoes back in the entry way in a line?
Sophie: Yes.
(Well it's not like they were and what I had expected... but it's not a lie either)

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