Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Top 10 List for Virginia

In our first trip to Virginia we did the following:
1. Air & Space museum
2. Natural History museum
3. American History museum
4. National Aquarium
5. National Mall & most monuments
6. Holocaust Museum
7. Mount Vernon
8. D.C. Post Office building

This year on our trip we went to these places:
1. National Mall & monuments we missed previously
2. Library of Congress
3. Capitol building
4. Monticello
5. Williamsburg
6. Shenandoah National Park

What more could we possibly want to see in Virginia? Don't worry... I have a list of the must see places for our next trip to Virginia... whenever that may be.

1. Montpelier
2. Natural Bridge
3. Jamestown
4. Yorktown
5. William & Mary College
6. Williamsburg... again
7. Chinatown in D.C.
8. Manassas and Bull Run
9. National Zoo
10. Visit a Winery

And IF I have Dad visiting with me....

11. Visit Wegmens

And during all these times we were lucky to spend time with my brother Nick and his wife Amanda. While we don't have many pictures. We enjoyed Thanksgiving together, playing pool, attempting to play Nick's 3D Black Ops game, watch movies, chat, and overall just hang out together. It's so nice to see them when we can. And if we have to drive the 24 hours to a beautiful place to spend time with them... trust me ... it is worth it. Sometimes family is worth cramping yourself into a small car and driving for 24 hours straight... you know? Hope everyone is as blessed as I am to have such good family that make it all worthwhile.

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