Sunday, December 2, 2012

Welcome to Williamsburg

Prior to leaving for our trip to Virginia, my boss had asked my plans for the holidays. When I mentioned that I was skipping Williamsburg and instead going to Jamestown and Yorktown because it was cheaper and I was hesitant about spending $40/ticket he almost fell out of his chair. He insisted it was a big mistake and even got other employees who'd been to Williamsburg explain to me that I was making a BIG mistake. Chris said it was one of the best vacations he'd been on. (You can see his pictures HERE on his family's (aka-wife's) blog). So of course... I had to go. Chris said so. And he and some of the department took up a fund and presented me with an early Christmas present for my trip to Williamsburg. So no escape now.

 Actually I was lucky that I did not miss this. It was an incredibly unique experience. Where else can you go where it seems the whole town and all the people are back in time?

Some people are simply 'common folk' I guess. While others are key historical figures. We met Benedict Arnold after he traded his allegiance to the British army. His speech to the public (aka-visitors) really seem to drive me back to the era. He spoke of how we were losing our children in battle, alone without friends and allies, and undergoing an economic depression without exports or imports with other countries all because of a tax on tea. Actually not 100% true, but he made a very very convincing argument. And there was a lot of truth to his speech. Anyway... again... really took you back.

Also the gardens were gorgeous. Might have noticed from previous posts (cough-Monticello) I have a thing for beautiful landscapes.

Whenever we buy another house I've gotten lots of ideas and tips from my trip to Virginia. Of course that new house will hopefully be in Virginia. Right hubby? Right?

The whole town was neat. It had everything from the Governor's Palace, the Capital building (Fact- Williamsburg used to be the capital of Viriginia), and lots of trade shops like the joiner, blacksmith, armory, carriage maker, etc...). Connor and Sophie's favorite had to have been the armory.

They also had a few fun kid things. In order to get punches (5 punches = a pin), Sophie had to visit various kid friendly places and had little activities to perform. One was at an old school house where we played with chalk and little chalkboards (aka- the old fashioned ipad). And she had to use a watering can to water the flowers in the garden (aka- the old fashioned water hose).

The information at Williamsburg suggests staying there for 3 days to see everything and I believe it. We spent most of the day there (9-5) and did not see and do everything. And we even skipped Jamestown and Yorktown because it would have just been too much for us and the kids.

So perhaps next trip Jamestown and Yorktown will be on our list. And perhaps another visit to Williamsburg to try and see some of the others things we missed. However, if you go to Virginia and happen to be around Norfolk do not miss Williamsburg. Do not let the price tag deter you from going. It is worth the cost of the ticket.

For more information about Colonial Williamsburg, click HERE.

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  1. Great pictures! Glad to hear you had a good time. Beautiful fall pictures. - Wendy