Monday, January 21, 2013

Connor- 7 Months

4 Year Old Haircut

Our kids are born bald... very bald. They don't start getting hair that you can actually run your fingers through until they are about one and a half... or 18 months. Because it took Sophia so long to get hair, we waited a long time before getting her hair cut. Finally at four years old, we decided it was time for a haircut.

She kept getting knots in her hair, it was obviously uneven, and well... it was just time.

So we made it a family event and took Sophia to a beauty salon for the works.

It's a bit shorter than what I had anticipated, but overall... she still looks cute. And in 4 more years, we'll get her another haircut.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Sophie Says...

Daddy: How was your day Sophie?
Sophie: Daddy, how was your day?
D: Good. Now how was your day?
S: Mommy, how was your day?
Mommy: I bet it wasn't as good as yours. Can you tell me about it?
S: Connor how was your day?
M: Sophie are you going to tell us about your day?
S: (starts babbling with Connor about his day at school, then...) Daddy, are you going to ask me about my day?
D: How was your day Sophie?
S: Ok.

Daddy: What did you learn about school today?
Sophie: We learn to cover our bodies.
D: Oh yes... that is good.
S: Yeah we cover it with skin.
D: That's true.
S: Yeah. (pause) Where is my skin?
Mommy: Here it is. (pinch some of her skin)
S: Oh. Can I take it off?
M: No.
S: Oh.

Sophia: Can I help my body?
Mommy: How are you going to help your body.
S: I get water, milk, and apple juice, not soda. Yeah and I put that in it and that helps my body. 

Sophie: Let me count your fingers...1...2...3...4...5...6...7...8...9..10. Mom you have ten fingers.
Mommy: Yes... just like you.
S: Yeah, but you have this (points to my wedding ring), I can take it off.
M: No, don't take it off. If you take it off I won't be married to Daddy.
S: Mommy, I want to be married so I can get a ring like you. I want a ring too.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Dad & Daughter Trip to Kansas

Brian and Sophie went to Kansas for several days and here is what I learned from Sophia:

1. Grammy took her to McDonalds
2. Aunt Kayla took her to the Great Plains Discovery Center.
3. She made cookies with Grammy
4. Aunt Kayla and John let her ride a horse
5. Aunt Kayla let her go play with Addy who is her friend.

Brian went up to Kansas to help his parents with the shop and installing a wood burning stove. Sophie went to get spoiled. No wonder she loves Kansas.
Anyway, since I wasn't there... I didn't take pictures... thankfully Aunt Kayla did and shared them with us.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Squeeky Clean- Babies in Sink

Connor: 2013

 Sophia: 2009

Christmas Snow

Ever start going through your photos and think... oops.. I was going to put that on the blog?

No? Ok... maybe just me.

Anyway, we had Christmas snow this year! Anywhere you live, snow on Christmas is a big deal. Especially if it's the newly falling big flakes of wet snow. Not so much if it's been on the ground for several days and has turned brown from the dirt... or whatever.

And we were even more grateful for the snow, because we typically do not expect or count on snow to come to Texas. But we did, we were given snow on Christmas day.

I think that was God's way of giving us a Christmas present.