Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Sophie Says...

Daddy: How was your day Sophie?
Sophie: Daddy, how was your day?
D: Good. Now how was your day?
S: Mommy, how was your day?
Mommy: I bet it wasn't as good as yours. Can you tell me about it?
S: Connor how was your day?
M: Sophie are you going to tell us about your day?
S: (starts babbling with Connor about his day at school, then...) Daddy, are you going to ask me about my day?
D: How was your day Sophie?
S: Ok.

Daddy: What did you learn about school today?
Sophie: We learn to cover our bodies.
D: Oh yes... that is good.
S: Yeah we cover it with skin.
D: That's true.
S: Yeah. (pause) Where is my skin?
Mommy: Here it is. (pinch some of her skin)
S: Oh. Can I take it off?
M: No.
S: Oh.

Sophia: Can I help my body?
Mommy: How are you going to help your body.
S: I get water, milk, and apple juice, not soda. Yeah and I put that in it and that helps my body. 

Sophie: Let me count your fingers...1...2...3...4...5...6...7...8...9..10. Mom you have ten fingers.
Mommy: Yes... just like you.
S: Yeah, but you have this (points to my wedding ring), I can take it off.
M: No, don't take it off. If you take it off I won't be married to Daddy.
S: Mommy, I want to be married so I can get a ring like you. I want a ring too.

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