Thursday, February 28, 2013

Blizzard of Oz

I spent 26 years of my life living in Kansas, cringing at the weather. It was always too hot in the summer. Too cold in the winter. And always windy. It never rained enough. Tornadoes came too often. And always too windy.

Then I move to Arkansas. Always too hot. Mosquitoes the size of grasshoppers everywhere. Humid 9 months of the year.

Then I moved to Texas. Way hotter but less humid. Even less rain. Occasional tornado warnings. And forget about winter... you'll barely notice it since it only lasts about 1 month of the year.

So... what am I missing? Well, if I said 'Kansas weather' it would be a lie (because no one can miss 360 days of windy forecasts), but I do miss the seasons. I miss the rainy months in spring. And recently I miss the snow. Ok... I don't miss going out to shovel driveways and scrape ice off of the car windows, but I miss the snow. I miss the chance to go sledding. I miss the chance to not have work because 'schools and offices are closed due to the weather'. And what makes me miss it more, is the fact that in Kansas (most parts) have over 16 inches of beautiful snow covering the ground. It took all my will power not to load the kids up in the van, drive through snow covered roads, and head to Kansas to take my kids to play in the snow.

Instead, I've been wishing I was there and looking at the pictures people have sent me. Next time we move, I'm going to insist that it is further north. Here looks good right about now.

Enjoy these pictures that other people have sent me from Kansas. P.S. The above photo isn't from Kansas, it's from England. I think I could live here in England... couldn't you?

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