Friday, February 15, 2013

Divine Message- Don't Diet?

Ever get the hint that God purposely puts roadblocks up to guide you in life? That he uses people, events, and circumstances to try and lead you to a more moral life? I do, but I'm starting to raise my eyebrows to "His" supposide message to me to Stop Dieting.


I mean I'd love to claim that I just can't lose weight because God doesn't want me to as much as the next person, but I mean... come on... no one is going to buy that... right?

Here is why I'm starting to wonder. In December we had Christmas and obviously you can't have Christmas without good (slightly unhealthy) food. It wouldn't be Christmas if you had baked tofu with mashed lima beans. Can I get an amen?

Then only days after Christmas our refrigerator dies. We contact the rental agency... who tells us to fill out a form... who contacts the landlord... who makes a decision to repair or replace... who contacts the rental company... who then contacts the tenants with an update. (One of the pains of renting and rental agencies). After a week of a non-working refridgerator and a week of fast food take out meals we get a message from the landlord saying he doesn't have time to purchase a fridge so we needed to purchase one ourselves under his budget limit and he'd reimburse us the amount. We quickly found one, but it couldn't delivered until a week later. So... another week without a fridge and another week of fast food.

Then Brian gets the flu. So we have a refrigerator, but I'm a single parent trying to feed two hungry kids, a sick husband, and no down time to go to the gym to try and lose 2 weeks worth of fast food. Brian stays sick for about 1 week, give or take a few days.

Then as I try and get back in the swing of diet and exercise... I now have a cold... courtesy of my son Connor. This cold has kept me tired. The only part of my body actively working out is my nose and my hand searching for another box of Kleenexs.

And it's February and Girl Scout cookies are in full swing. Those delicious calories only come around once a year. Once A Year! I mean how can you say 'no' to those cookies, especially if they come in the guise of a little girl with chocolate brown eyes asking you to buy them to support troop number whatever? 

So I just have to kind of sit back and laugh as I've tried so many times these past 2 months looking at healthy recipes, cooking healthy meals, and trying to get back on track to a routine at the gym, and yet I haven't been able to stay consistent. Each time I think I'm back on board to aggressively start losing weight, I get something preventing me.

Oh well. Maybe I'm just overreacting, but sometimes I wonder if God wants me to be more 'fluffy'. 'Fluffy' isn't bad right? Then again, God loves us whether we are thin or thick. And if I could pick, I'd prefer to be thin. Guess it's a good thing I'm hard headed and will probably again try to tackle the gym and diet once I get over this cold.

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