Thursday, February 14, 2013

Going Wild at the Zoo

So again... trying to save money... Mom told me about the Winter Wednesdays at the Sedgewick County Zoo through the winter months. The zoo offers admission to the Zoo for $2.50 per ticket, compared with the normal price of $13.95. Cheap tickets... lots of space for kids to run around and explore... can be as loud as they like... and animals for my animals.... SOLD!

Sophie's favorite was the flamingos, which she said were "PINK, white, and orange". You decide.

My favorite however was the gorillas, which were unusually playful and active on a cold February afternoon.

Connor I'm not sure had a favorite. But there were plenty of animals to see there.

And bronze statues for Sophie to climb.

And educational "stuff" that the kids didn't really care about.

But that's ok. Because we had a great time seeing all the animals. And the kids were happy... and how can you not be happy... when they are happy.

For more information about the Sedgewick County Zoo, click HERE.

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