Saturday, February 16, 2013

Sweet Suite Valentine

So Valentines Day... yeah... kinda a pain trying to plan something this year. After my trip to Kansas it was amazing to see how quickly it became... Mardi Gras, Ash Wednesday, & Valentines Day. And I even had to cut my time in Kansas short because the rental agency (ugh!) wanted to come inspect the house. That meant I got to come home and clean... clean... clean. So the last thing on my mind was to figure out what to do on Valentines Day or even try and be in the mood to do anything for Valentines Day. Turned out I had, and still have, a cold for Valentine's Day and weekend. So going out would have been out of the question anyway.

So instead I told Brian that I'd be ok skipping Valentines Day this year and just kinda let my work take care of it this year. Brian and I had gotten an offer (before leaving for my trip to Kansas) to join my boss and co-workers to attend a Mavericks basketball game in the Bell suite.

So a Mavericks game with co-workers became our Valentines Day.

And after cleaning the house, fasting, etc... Valentines Day became more about getting the kids Valentine's filled out, cookies taken to schools, and helping them avoid the sugar rush from the large amounts of candy they received. And really Valentines Day is more about reminding each other how much you appreciate them. Kids too. And why on earth would we only do it on one day a year? Oh... yeah... men.... never mind. :)

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