Monday, February 11, 2013

Taking on Old Heights

So since this is likely to be our only vacation this year and I was asked to try not to spend money, I tried to find free/cheap things to do that you can only find in Kansas. Believe it or not... Kansas has a lot of free attractions or things to see. In Dallas -Fort Worth it seems like everything costs... and perhaps it's worth it. However, in Kansas you can often find several things to do (perhaps not as glitzy or glamorous as DFW) without breaking the bank.

So... what to do. Well I had planned to visit my sister Elizabeth in her new house in Salina, KS. So I scouted for things to do on the way there. And Lindsborg "Little Sweden" is just 15 minutes south of Salina. Perfect! And what is in Linsbourg? Well among other things... Coronado Heights.

Coronado Heights is named after Francisco Vasquez de Coronado who traveled through Kansas in 1541 on his quest for gold. Had he been around here during the summer he would have at least seen the color of gold in the wheat... but that's as close as Kansas has to anything gold.

And since I was in town I couldn't leave without stopping at the Blacksmith Coffee Roastery. I know too many people at work who are addicted to coffee. Might as well at least get them addicted to good Kansas coffee.

After spending some time with my sisters, we loaded up and headed about 10 minutes north of Salina to Minneapolis. There is Rock City, where these giant boulders are sitting in the middle of a field.

Perfect for climbing on top.....

... and for squeezing through little spaces & crevices.

These rocks were formed millions of years ago when Kansas was underwater. These circular sandstones (trying saying that 5 times fast) is the only place in the world where you can find so many of these tall ones in one place. There are 200 stones here and some measure 27 feet in diameter.

If anyone is interested in visiting either of these places... you will HAVE to come to Kansas. For more details in planning a fantastic vacation in Kansas for the small budget minded, click on these 2 links to learn more about the following locations:

Coronado Heights

Blacksmith Coffee Roastery

Lindsborg, KS

Rock City

Heads up... we spent a whole week in Kansas... so more places to visit on a frugal budget... so keep reading.

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