Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Walk In Wichita

So in the Kansas Traveler guide there are 2 places... for free... where they selected for places to walk in Wichita. One is the Great Plains Nature Center and Trails.

Within the complex they have a main building/educational center which explains some of the animals you can find in Kansas and the great plains area in general.

Mom likes educational trips. Kids are too young to care... or protest.

Then they had lots of walking trails crossing marshes, fields, and wooded areas. And plenty of wildlife to compliment the walk. (Thankfully not a snake in sight!)

Mom likes walks and anything that gets a kid tired and away from a tv. Kids again... too young to know Mom's intentions and an opportunity to play outside without Mom yelling at them to "walk, not run" or "shhh... use your indoor voices"

Next we travelled to the Keeper of the Plains. Kansas is named after the Kansa (or Kaw) Native Americans.

As a kid this statue used to be located on the campus of North High School, but later moved to the junction between the Big and Little Arkansas Rivers (pronounced in Kansas as "R-Kansas", which coincidentally took me years & the relocation to a different state to actually call it "R-Can-Saw" River). A bridge and island of rocks (which go up in flames at night) surround the Keeper of the Plains now.

As well as educational plaques. Yup... the Momma enjoyed the learning experience. The kids... again... did not care.

Seemed all around the kids had a good time... and got tired in the process. In other words... it was a very good day to walk around Wichita.

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