Monday, March 25, 2013

Lost & Hope to Find

Ever lost a pet?

Or not necessarily lost... but involuntarily allowed him/her/it to escape?

We are now learning the Lost & Found process for pets. We'd never really lost a pet before. I mean there have been times we caught him deciding to take himself for a walk and ran after him. But to not find him... and not have him home by nightfall... that was new for us. And heart breaking. We spent a lot of time on foot and car scouring the whole neighborhood and beyond looking for him and returning empty-handed.

So what do we do now?

Well here is what we have done so far and learned. This information will be helpful for anyone who has lost a pet or found one.

1. Contact your' city's animal services. Here in Arlington all missing and found pets are posted online. Click here to be taken to that website.

2. Then, Craigslist also has a site on there for "Lost + Found" items under Community.

3. There is the good old-fashioned flyers you can put it on telephone poles. I also printed small flyers that I could put on people's door handles (like landscapers have done in our neighborhood). I posted them nearby 'high traffic' areas, such as gas stations, parks, and playgrounds.

4. Contact vet clinics. People will bring animals in a lot of times to see if they are microchipped. Even if they aren't... they usually have a book of lost animals where they will enter your pet's information in case someone comes by.

5. Beat the streets and ask everyone.

6. If you have a lot of money... you can get a dog who will track the trail/sent of your lost pet. However, this service is not cheap. Click here to see one servicing the DFW area.

7. Contact the Humane Society.

8. Call and talk to your mail carrier at the post office. Leave them a flyer and let them know their is a reward if they find your pet. Postal workers know your area and are on the streets almost everyday. If your pet is still there... they might be your best asset.

9. Put a post online at lost & found sites like FidoFinder, Help Me Find My, & Lost My ; sometimes depending where you are, you can search and post a lost pet in the classfieds of your local newspaper.

So far, we are still missing Oscar. And even Sophie has noticed his absence. She told me the other day: "Mom, we have 4: me, Connor, you & daddy. We are supposed to have 5. We are missing Oscar. He makes 5."

Does that break your heart or what? He's been in our family longer than either of our children. He was/is our first baby.

Anyway, I've been praying and searching for the past several days that Oscar returns to our family. Hopefully we get him back. And should you be unfortunate enough to lose one of your furry family members, I hope the advice above helps you to be reunited as well.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Irish Fun Facts

As the rest of you nurse your green beer hangovers and chow down on corned beef and cabbage (which actually isn't a traditional meal in Ireland.... at all), I'm going to share some more fun Irish facts.

  • The only country in the world to have a musical instrument- a harp- as it's national symbol is Ireland. The oldest known harp in existance (dates back to 1300) can be found in Trinity College, Dublin.
  • The longest place name in Ireland is Muckanaghederdauhaulia, located in County Galway
  • An old legend claims that while Christ will judge all nations on Judgement Day, St. Patrick will be judge of all the Irish.
  • Another Irish legend claims when you hear a ringing in your ears, it's the sound of a deceased friend in Purgatory ringing a bell asking you to pray for them.
  • Newgrange tombs, located in Couty Meath, was constructed around 3200 BC. If so, that makes it 600 years older than the Pyramids in Egypt and 1,000 years older than Stonehenge.
  • The Vikings founded the city of Dublin in 988
  • St. Patrick introduced the Roman alphabet and Latin literature into Ireland. After his death, Ireland became one of Europe's leading intellectual centers.
  • While Francis Scott Key wrote the poem 'Star Spangled Banner', the tune for the song was composed by a blind Irish harper- Turlough O'Carolan. It was a tune used as an Irish drinking song.
  • James Hoban (born in Killkenny) designed the original White House

I-rish you have a Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning means something different to everyone apparently. There is just something about the freshness of spring that makes you want to clean things up. For me, it means hauling out things that we don't use and give them to Goodwill, things that are broken are tossed, and I organize... organize... organize. Plus, I like seeing everything dusted, vacuumed, and put away.

However, spring cleaning means something completely different for Brian. For him it means not being able to find things he left laying around where he put them, things that he didn't think need replaced gone, and it means getting the important stuff cleaned- aka- not the house.

Brian's spring cleaning means getting the motorcycle cleaned. This year Sophie helped him.

And since they were cleaning bikes... just made sense to clean hers too. Don't you think?

Connor and I were lazy... we just watched.

See how nice, clean, and shiny it is?

 May all your spring cleaning get done your way & then find some time to play.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

An Oney-fied Limerick

As I was reading through some Irish information, for the upcoming St. Patty's Day, I read about limericks. Limericks, a type of rhyming poem, is generally acknowledged as coming from the county of Limerick in Ireland.

So I figured, I'm writing a blog about my family... why not write a limerick about my family, specifically my children.


So, here we go.... the first certified Oney-fied Limerick:

There once was a mother who was a bit crazy
Sometimes she wished her children were lazy
Instead they played
And never obeyed.
Her sanity was sometimes a bit hazy.

She was a boss, a wife, and a mother
She needed the help of another
Her friends wouldn’t think
That she needed a shrink
Unless they asked “Sis” & “Brother”

Her children liked to play in the dirt
And smear it all on her new shirt and skirt
They drenched the cat
Brought home a rat
And someone always seemed to be hurt.

Bugs, mud pies, and boogers they ate
Chores were always up for debate
They painted the walls
Pulled heads off of dolls
And all before the combined age of eight

She got mad, shouted, and threw
She didn’t know what she should do
They stared in awe
As they looked at their Ma
Then together said “I love you”

Those words warmed her heart a bit
She knew she was at the end of her whit
She grabbed her drink
Left to go think
Before she might again start to lose it.

Her children were awful all this year
But they were still very dear
They would soon grow up
As she poured another cup
Until then she’d just buy more beer.

*Note: This should not be taken as all factual. I needed words that rhyme. However, if you are a mother... I'm sure you can relate. And while we don't have a cat... we have a dog... they have drenched him. And in Camden we had mice... not rats. But you get the idea.

So... who wants to share a limerick of their own?

Spring is Here!

So I haven't been very cognizant of the weather lately. I actually haven't been cognizant about much. Until recently I hadn't had a day off from work for 20 straight days and spent my weekends in a warehouse without windows. Probably wise that there weren't many windows around... I would have been less productive. I would probably find myself drifting outside in my mind and thinking of things I could be doing instead of work. Which would then be doing something other than work.

I digress.

The weather outside has been beautiful lately. Nice and warm. Sophie has already starting picking the dandelions outside and giving them to me to keep and display. I've started using Connor's empty baby food jars as vases for her 'flowers'.

Hopefully as things begin to slow down and life and weekends return to normalcy, I hope to return to blogging and adventures soon. Until then I'm just enjoying my kids basking in the warmth of spring. Hopefully everyone takes time to refresh in the warmth of spring.