Thursday, March 14, 2013

An Oney-fied Limerick

As I was reading through some Irish information, for the upcoming St. Patty's Day, I read about limericks. Limericks, a type of rhyming poem, is generally acknowledged as coming from the county of Limerick in Ireland.

So I figured, I'm writing a blog about my family... why not write a limerick about my family, specifically my children.


So, here we go.... the first certified Oney-fied Limerick:

There once was a mother who was a bit crazy
Sometimes she wished her children were lazy
Instead they played
And never obeyed.
Her sanity was sometimes a bit hazy.

She was a boss, a wife, and a mother
She needed the help of another
Her friends wouldn’t think
That she needed a shrink
Unless they asked “Sis” & “Brother”

Her children liked to play in the dirt
And smear it all on her new shirt and skirt
They drenched the cat
Brought home a rat
And someone always seemed to be hurt.

Bugs, mud pies, and boogers they ate
Chores were always up for debate
They painted the walls
Pulled heads off of dolls
And all before the combined age of eight

She got mad, shouted, and threw
She didn’t know what she should do
They stared in awe
As they looked at their Ma
Then together said “I love you”

Those words warmed her heart a bit
She knew she was at the end of her whit
She grabbed her drink
Left to go think
Before she might again start to lose it.

Her children were awful all this year
But they were still very dear
They would soon grow up
As she poured another cup
Until then she’d just buy more beer.

*Note: This should not be taken as all factual. I needed words that rhyme. However, if you are a mother... I'm sure you can relate. And while we don't have a cat... we have a dog... they have drenched him. And in Camden we had mice... not rats. But you get the idea.

So... who wants to share a limerick of their own?

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