Monday, March 25, 2013

Lost & Hope to Find

Ever lost a pet?

Or not necessarily lost... but involuntarily allowed him/her/it to escape?

We are now learning the Lost & Found process for pets. We'd never really lost a pet before. I mean there have been times we caught him deciding to take himself for a walk and ran after him. But to not find him... and not have him home by nightfall... that was new for us. And heart breaking. We spent a lot of time on foot and car scouring the whole neighborhood and beyond looking for him and returning empty-handed.

So what do we do now?

Well here is what we have done so far and learned. This information will be helpful for anyone who has lost a pet or found one.

1. Contact your' city's animal services. Here in Arlington all missing and found pets are posted online. Click here to be taken to that website.

2. Then, Craigslist also has a site on there for "Lost + Found" items under Community.

3. There is the good old-fashioned flyers you can put it on telephone poles. I also printed small flyers that I could put on people's door handles (like landscapers have done in our neighborhood). I posted them nearby 'high traffic' areas, such as gas stations, parks, and playgrounds.

4. Contact vet clinics. People will bring animals in a lot of times to see if they are microchipped. Even if they aren't... they usually have a book of lost animals where they will enter your pet's information in case someone comes by.

5. Beat the streets and ask everyone.

6. If you have a lot of money... you can get a dog who will track the trail/sent of your lost pet. However, this service is not cheap. Click here to see one servicing the DFW area.

7. Contact the Humane Society.

8. Call and talk to your mail carrier at the post office. Leave them a flyer and let them know their is a reward if they find your pet. Postal workers know your area and are on the streets almost everyday. If your pet is still there... they might be your best asset.

9. Put a post online at lost & found sites like FidoFinder, Help Me Find My, & Lost My ; sometimes depending where you are, you can search and post a lost pet in the classfieds of your local newspaper.

So far, we are still missing Oscar. And even Sophie has noticed his absence. She told me the other day: "Mom, we have 4: me, Connor, you & daddy. We are supposed to have 5. We are missing Oscar. He makes 5."

Does that break your heart or what? He's been in our family longer than either of our children. He was/is our first baby.

Anyway, I've been praying and searching for the past several days that Oscar returns to our family. Hopefully we get him back. And should you be unfortunate enough to lose one of your furry family members, I hope the advice above helps you to be reunited as well.

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