Sunday, March 17, 2013

Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning means something different to everyone apparently. There is just something about the freshness of spring that makes you want to clean things up. For me, it means hauling out things that we don't use and give them to Goodwill, things that are broken are tossed, and I organize... organize... organize. Plus, I like seeing everything dusted, vacuumed, and put away.

However, spring cleaning means something completely different for Brian. For him it means not being able to find things he left laying around where he put them, things that he didn't think need replaced gone, and it means getting the important stuff cleaned- aka- not the house.

Brian's spring cleaning means getting the motorcycle cleaned. This year Sophie helped him.

And since they were cleaning bikes... just made sense to clean hers too. Don't you think?

Connor and I were lazy... we just watched.

See how nice, clean, and shiny it is?

 May all your spring cleaning get done your way & then find some time to play.

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