Thursday, March 14, 2013

Spring is Here!

So I haven't been very cognizant of the weather lately. I actually haven't been cognizant about much. Until recently I hadn't had a day off from work for 20 straight days and spent my weekends in a warehouse without windows. Probably wise that there weren't many windows around... I would have been less productive. I would probably find myself drifting outside in my mind and thinking of things I could be doing instead of work. Which would then be doing something other than work.

I digress.

The weather outside has been beautiful lately. Nice and warm. Sophie has already starting picking the dandelions outside and giving them to me to keep and display. I've started using Connor's empty baby food jars as vases for her 'flowers'.

Hopefully as things begin to slow down and life and weekends return to normalcy, I hope to return to blogging and adventures soon. Until then I'm just enjoying my kids basking in the warmth of spring. Hopefully everyone takes time to refresh in the warmth of spring.

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