Saturday, April 27, 2013

Adventures in Paintballing

How did I not know how fun paintball is? How did I live to 30-something without ever playing paintball? You get to shoot people.... legally. You can shoot friends, husbands, co-workers, husbands, bosses, and husbands.

You can even throw grenades. (Granted I messed up on both of mine... they are not idiot-proof.... go figure).

Brian found a Groupon for 10 people to play 4 hours of paintball (guns, jacket, masks, & unlimited air supply) for $100. SOLD! So I found 10 people (mostly from work) who I could shoot at.

Needless to say... PAINTBALL IS FUN!

So it hurts a little. Want to know the secret to not getting hurt?

Don't get hit.

Helps if you aren't bald. That seems to be a pretty easy place to hit. See.
Course if you do get hit... you'll get a bit of paint on you and possibly a welt. If you are a high school girl you could pass it off as a hicky. And if you are a boss of a large warehouse.... well.... could always sport a turtleneck or wear a suit and tie?
Also helps that in between shooting each other, you have a picnic. Another tip... don't maim the cook till after the break. That way you get a good cook... who won't try to burn you or your food. Or spit in it.

Yes.... paintball.... I will do this again sometime. And I don't think I'll have a hard time finding some friends, co-workers, and husbands willing to join me. I think they would like another opportunity to try and shoot me.... legally.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

March for Babies 2013

March of Dimes, March for Babies is celebrating over 75 years of raising money and support to help premature babies and infants with illnesses. Since 1970, they have raised over $2 billion dollars to this cause. And while many children have survived thanks to their efforts and donations there are several children who are born prematurely or with health issues who do not get to live for very long... despite all our technological advancements and medical achievements.

Children are a innocent and precious asset, one that is sometimes discarded or under-appreciated. And while March of Dimes cannot protect them from all the hardships of the world... they are at least trying to help every baby to grow up healthy. And I think no matter what your political or religious views/values are... I think we can agree that their cause is one we can all unite on.

Today in downtown Fort Worth's Trinity Park, our family joined the 3.5 mile long walk to support March of Dimes March for Babies.

Even our babies are fighting for babies. Made my heart smile a bit.

And Bell Helicopter provided lots of support for the walkers and included a kind of reception at the finish line.

While the walk here in Fort Worth is over, you can still find a walk at a location near you by clicking HERE. 

Or if you would prefer you can always send a donation by clicking HERE.

It's never too late to make a difference.

Florida Flora & Fauna

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Sophie Says....

I hear her say very loudly from the bathroom.
Sophie: "Mommy, come see. I did a mommy-size poop."

(No... I did not look. And no she does not get this from me... I say as I glare at Brian)

Trying to get Sophie to bed.
Sophie: "Mommy, my tummy hurts because I'm going to have a baby."
Mommy: "Oh really?"
S: Yeah, it's going to be a boy. I don't want a boy. I want a girl.
M: "How do you know you are having a baby? AND that it's a boy?"
S: "Because Mommy you are having a baby and I want it to be my sister. And we both can't have sisters".

(No... I'm not pregnant.... I just haven't lost all my pregnancy weight. Thanks Connor for the pounds. Thanks Sophie for pointing out their continued existance.)

Drive home
Sophie: "Mom, I want McDonald's"
Mommy: "No Sophie, Mommy is going to make something at home to eat."
S: "No. I want McDonalds. I'm not going to eat what you make."
M: "Ok....... Starve"

(She didn't starve... she didn't get McDonalds.... but she apparently got an attitude)

After I picked Oscar up and brought him home (after being missing for about 2 weeks), I put him in the bathroom to surprise her. She finally see's Oscar and tell me...
Sophie: "Mommy, Jesus put Oscar in the bathroom".

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Evening of Excellence

So Brian helped his company win the Malcolm Baldridge Award. As a result, he was invited to attend their Awards of Excellence ceremony in Orlando, FL. I was lucky.... I'm just the wife they allowed to accompany him.
It was a formal event. Doesn't Brian look good in a tux?

Anyway, professional photographers were on hand for the event, so hopefully I can add some pictures they took from there later. Right now... I just have these 3. Brian made me go the night without the camera.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Gone to the Gaylord (Orlando, FL)

We got an opportunity to head to Florida through Brian's work. While there are many things to do there (mostly amusement parks such as Disney World & Universal Studios), we spent our whole time in Orlando at our hotel- Gaylord Palms Resort & Spa.

Now why would we want to stay here? Well... there is the hotel room.

But it's not as awesome as the pool.

Which is not as awesome as the inside.

Yup... all this stuff is from the inside.