Saturday, April 27, 2013

Adventures in Paintballing

How did I not know how fun paintball is? How did I live to 30-something without ever playing paintball? You get to shoot people.... legally. You can shoot friends, husbands, co-workers, husbands, bosses, and husbands.

You can even throw grenades. (Granted I messed up on both of mine... they are not idiot-proof.... go figure).

Brian found a Groupon for 10 people to play 4 hours of paintball (guns, jacket, masks, & unlimited air supply) for $100. SOLD! So I found 10 people (mostly from work) who I could shoot at.

Needless to say... PAINTBALL IS FUN!

So it hurts a little. Want to know the secret to not getting hurt?

Don't get hit.

Helps if you aren't bald. That seems to be a pretty easy place to hit. See.
Course if you do get hit... you'll get a bit of paint on you and possibly a welt. If you are a high school girl you could pass it off as a hicky. And if you are a boss of a large warehouse.... well.... could always sport a turtleneck or wear a suit and tie?
Also helps that in between shooting each other, you have a picnic. Another tip... don't maim the cook till after the break. That way you get a good cook... who won't try to burn you or your food. Or spit in it.

Yes.... paintball.... I will do this again sometime. And I don't think I'll have a hard time finding some friends, co-workers, and husbands willing to join me. I think they would like another opportunity to try and shoot me.... legally.


  1. Ahh paintball, played it since highschool. carver and i did it several times in college. another tip tie a handkerchief to the bottom of your mask and tie a couple around your neck, it will save you a few bruises ...

  2. I just have one welt... it's on my back. Bastards.