Monday, April 8, 2013

Double O (Oscar Oney) Returns

We have never lost a pet before, but I know we are extremely fortunate to have a happy ending and reunion with Oscar. That usually isn't the case when a pet goes missing. Especially the longer they are gone. There have been lots of questions and many people have been praying for his return so without further ado I shall tell you of how we got our happy ending.

My Side of the Story:
I was getting depressed about how Oscar hadn't returned. I'd daily checked the Animal Shelter in Arlington and Craigslist without finding him. A friend and co-worker, Jones sent me a few links of dachshunds to adopt. On one of the links: DFW Dachshund Rescue, he noticed that one of them... Clint... looked a lot like Oscar. He showed it to me and it was Oscar. After almost 2 weeks of not seeing Oscar anywhere he was on the website waiting to be adopted! So I emailed the website, who in turn got me in touch with 'Clint''s caretaker. I described Oscar and sent in some pictures, and she agreed to meet me at an Animal Hospital in Flower Mound, TX (north of DFW and 35 miles from our home). We met and she agreed that Clint was indeed Oscar. And so, we were reunited.

Oscar's Foster Mom's Side of the Story:

Oscar, or Clint as she named him, was brought to there Rescue by a woman in Arlington. That woman was at an intersection along Cooper when a truck near her decided to dispose of Oscar along the busy intersection. (We have no idea whose truck it was or how they got Oscar.) Before he could get ran over, which nearly happened, she scooped him up and took care of him. Because Oscar was not microchipped, they were unaware of Oscar's owners or that his family (us) were desperately looking to find him. Through their organization, they gave him a full health check-up, which revealed problems with his teeth and kidneys, and removed his manhood (no big loss there since he never really used them... the manhood that is). And they made sure he was microchipped, which would make it easier for his new owner to locate him should he get lost again. Then, they put him up for adoption on their website. Until... I called.

The Reunion:
Before going to get the kids, I put Oscar in the bathroom so that way we could surprise Sophie about his return. This was what ensued:

(Her observational skills she gets from her mother unfortunately)

Here was her reaction after the surprise kind of settled down:

Sophie's Side of the Story:

Moral of the Story:
1. Never give up on miracles!
2. MICROCHIP your animals! (DFW Dachshund Rescue STRONGLY AGREES with this one... and after all that our family has been through... I agree).
3. There are a lot of people I'd like to thank for helping Oscar return to our family- his foster parents, Angel Vet Hospital who took care of him, the woman who stopped and rescued him from the busy intersection, Jones for helping find him, and everyone who prayed for his safe return. (Ok.... that is as close as I'll get to an Academy Award speech... and Oscar is totally worth more than some dumb gold statue).

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