Thursday, April 18, 2013

Sophie Says....

I hear her say very loudly from the bathroom.
Sophie: "Mommy, come see. I did a mommy-size poop."

(No... I did not look. And no she does not get this from me... I say as I glare at Brian)

Trying to get Sophie to bed.
Sophie: "Mommy, my tummy hurts because I'm going to have a baby."
Mommy: "Oh really?"
S: Yeah, it's going to be a boy. I don't want a boy. I want a girl.
M: "How do you know you are having a baby? AND that it's a boy?"
S: "Because Mommy you are having a baby and I want it to be my sister. And we both can't have sisters".

(No... I'm not pregnant.... I just haven't lost all my pregnancy weight. Thanks Connor for the pounds. Thanks Sophie for pointing out their continued existance.)

Drive home
Sophie: "Mom, I want McDonald's"
Mommy: "No Sophie, Mommy is going to make something at home to eat."
S: "No. I want McDonalds. I'm not going to eat what you make."
M: "Ok....... Starve"

(She didn't starve... she didn't get McDonalds.... but she apparently got an attitude)

After I picked Oscar up and brought him home (after being missing for about 2 weeks), I put him in the bathroom to surprise her. She finally see's Oscar and tell me...
Sophie: "Mommy, Jesus put Oscar in the bathroom".

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