Tuesday, May 14, 2013

And Another Move

You know I like living in different places, but I really hate moving. Mostly the packing, the unpacking, and all the work leading up to it. In 5 years we've lived in 3 states and in (now) 4 houses. I think that qualifies us as semi-experienced movers.

This move was a little different because 1) we moved ourselves  and 2 children and 2) we stayed in the same state and same city. Another difference, for some odd reason we had a little role reversal going. Brian is usually the planner in the relationship. Spreadsheets and lists abound as well as timelines. And yet, this time I was the one who got the head start on looking/researching for places to live. I made the spreadsheet breaking down properties by price, features, square feet, and price per square foot.

I also coordinated things with the property managers, home viewing, acquiring a refrigerator, and getting the best deal for a rental truck.

And you'd think that would be enough.... nope... we are still packing, unpacking, and cleaning.

My boss informed me that anything that takes longer than 2 days to pack or unpack, deserves to be burned. After 4 days of packing, unpacking, and cleaning, I'm at that point that just throwing everything in a pile in the backyard with a lit match sounds like an inspiring idea. It's amazing the amount of stuff a person acquires (that they do not use with even an annual regularity).

Burn baby burn.

Ok... so I haven't burned anything yet. But we still have plenty of stuff at the house and plenty of time.

Another little highlight regarding this move... I got the opportunity or perhaps the mistaken obligation of driving the 16' moving truck with hydraulic lift out of Dallas, to pick up the fridge, and then return it to load up our stuff. It was definitely an interesting adventure.

Upon returning and once it was loaded up, Brian realized it probably wasn't the best idea to have me driving. Not sure why... but needless to say... he took over the reigns. I was ok with that. :)

The kids were whiny and fussy, but they did help a bit. Even Oscar.

Since the kids have been able to escape moving duties/chores, they seem to adjusted well to life in the new house.

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