Sunday, May 19, 2013

Hoarding vs. Purging

So this month is going to be painfully low on posts simply because most of my time lately has been spent preparing to move, moving, and re-organizing those things we moved. And if you move a lot then you realize it's not so fun to actually move. Live in a different state... amazing! Actually deal with moving all of your stuff to that new location... definitely not amazing.

While we've gotten most of the big stuff out. We are still getting all the little things out of the house. It's the little stuff that just kills you. You realize just how many trinkets, signs, decorations, children's artwork and McDonald toys that you have in the house. And you think... WHY? Why did we keep this? Why do we need this?

In previous years and moves, Brian was always the hoarder and I was the purger. So when we were moving, Brian wanted to keep everything. Because well... you might need it again. Or well it can be useful if we want it to be useful. Or we won't ever have to buy another one if we keep this one. Or that's memorabilia from high school. Or my homework from college.

Me I would happily get rid of things that weren't 1) commonly used or needed, 2) weren't used at least once a year depending on what it was, 3) easily replaceable, 4) no longer fit and unlikely to wear again in the near future (2-3 years) and 5) we no longer have the space to store everything we own. So when Brian was gone to work or school and I was left in charge of packing... I was more liberal with what was discarded than he was. And because we had so much stuff... he never really noticed anything that went to Goodwill or the dump.

Time Magazine (7/19/2012) had an artical called American Hoarders: Typical American Home is Cluttered with Possessions - and Stressing us Out, stated that children received roughly 70 new toys a year. So if that is true by the end of this year, if we had kept every toy our 2 children (then ages 5 and 1) have recieved since their birth, they would own 420 toys. And the article goes on to say that UCLA researchers found the more stuff a person owns the more unhappy and more stressful they are. Go figure... they are probably tripping all over thousands of toys laying all over the floor and finding toilets clogged with polly pockets (hasn't happened to us yet but I'm waiting for it).
This time Brian has been helping much more with this particular move. And I was actually shocked to see that he had put somethings in the Goodwill pile... of his! And he even put some things in the trash! I mean sure it wasn't as much as I would have done (and have been doing while there), but still it's a definite improvement. I think he's starting to understand some about how much work it takes to move things from one place to another to another to another that we don't exactly use.

We still don't exactly have all the specific space for the things we currently own. But Brian has mentioned he plans to scan somethings to decrease the amount of paperwork filling up countless boxes, sort through books he plans to sell, and go through things more once we get everything out of the house. My HERO! So I'm happy that my husband is slowly moving towards a more light lifestyle regarding possessions.

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