Tuesday, May 7, 2013

TX Rangers vs. Boston Red Sox- May 2013

 So it's starting to become a thing for Suzi and I to go to a Ranger game once a year. It's definately a perk living in a large city let alone a metroplex.

During the off-season Suzi traded her fan allegiance from the Rangers to the Red Sox when Mike Napoli was traded. So this year was a little different with me in Ranger wear and Suzi wearing her Boston Red Soxs red.

Also because this was a big game or marquee game as they call it, my seating options were limited. And as a result we were in the nosebleed section. We were in the very back, very top, last seats, touch the ceiling and sides nosebleed section.

And it was cold! Scratch that... with our altitude and the wind coming through the screen we were easily colder than everyone else.

But it was a good game. Well I guess it depends on if you ask a Ranger or a Sox fan as to whether or not was a good game. Rangers won 5-1.

But we enjoyed ourselves. And we are already thinking in advance of the next time we do this. Hopefully I can convince more of my female siblings to join us in attending a game some weekend. But one thing I will definitely do is make sure we aren't stuck in the nosebleed section again.

Next time, we'll be closer to the field. And the players. And their nice tight pants. Mmmmmm. See.... baseball games are fun, ladies.

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