Monday, June 10, 2013

An Early Father's Day

With a strike looming at work, we decided to skip ahead a week and celebrate Father's Day a week in advance.
The weather wasn't too bad so I went ahead and let the kids play in a kiddy pool. Was hoping it would wear them out so we could get a bit of a break.

Didn't really work. They were still pretty wound up. Dang it!

For Father's Day I got we got him a grill.

My subtle way of telling him I'm fine with him taking over cooking/kitchen duties.

Then he grilled the steaks, corn, and hot dogs I got out. They tasted as good as they looked.

The steaks were huge. And we were greedy so the kids got hot dogs while we devoured the steaks.

We really appreciate Brian as a father. He does a great job of playing with the kids (i.e. wrestling, tickling, treating, and teaching them). He also is the main enforcer and my go-to guy when I need to threaten the children into good behavior. (Example- "Don't make me tell Daddy!" or "Do you want me to get Daddy?"). And lets be honest... without him we wouldn't have such cute (albeit obnoxious boundary pushing) kids. Thanks Brian for being the Daddy they want and need.

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