Saturday, June 8, 2013

Graduating Girl

Long time ago in the dark ages (aka- 20 some years ago), Brian and I remember having a high school graduation once we finished the 12th grade. There is some fuzzy details surrounding a possible middle school graduation, but essentially our first graduation we remember was high school.

This year I found out that in the next 3 years Sophie will have 3 graduations.

Say what?! Yup... 3! Pre-K 1, Pre-K 2, and Kindergarten.

So this year she participated in her first graduation, the one for Pre-K1. Brian and I had to work so we didn't attend. She absolutely noticed and informed us that we were supposed to be there because some of her friends parents were there. Part of me felt bad that we weren't there and instead at our perspective work locations. But then again, graduation from Pre-K doesn't really feel like it's a big deal. Instead we expect her to graduate from Pre-K. 100% of her classmates and her will graduate from Pre-K. And putting graduated from Pre-K on a resume isn't really seen as a big deal. In addition sometimes we wonder whether we are rewarding her for things we expect... if that makes sense?

Am I out of touch? Is it time for me to get with the times?

Either way, I'm very proud of my daughter. And perhaps I'll take off of work for one of them these days. 

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