Friday, June 14, 2013

Sophie Says...

Sophie: "Mom, there is a bird. Did you know birds turn into peckers?"
Mom: "What?"
S: "Yeah all birds are peckers"
M: "What do you mean?"
S: "They get up in trees and bang their heads and they are peckers."
M: "Oh honey those are called Wood Peckers. Those are a special kind of bird that pokes holes in trees."
S: "No Mom all birds do this so they are peckers".

Sophie: "Mom, Connor is my boyfriend and my prince so I can kiss him. And he can kiss me."
(Oh boy... how does she know about boyfriend/girlfriends?)

Sophie: "Mom you are mean!"
Mom: "No, I'm ferocious".
(If I'm gonna be a bad guy... I'll be one in style and at least extend her vocabulary).

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