Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Sophie Says...

Sophie: "Mommy, my tummy hurts?"
Mommy: "Oh yeah?"
Sophie: "Yeah. I need chocolate so I feel better".

(Um.... not how it works sweetheart. But nice try!)


Sophie: "This is a big bridge. If Dad's car went off the bridge and fell down and kept going down into the water down there.... his car would get wet."

(His car would be totalled.... but yes.... it would also be wet).


At Connor's doctor appointment/

Mommy: Ready to go?
Sophie: Where are we going?
M: We are going to the store to get Connor's medicine and then headed home.
S: But the doctor didn't see me.
M: Yes he did. Remember he was here and he was checking out Connor's ears.
S: Yeah but he didn't check me out.
M: Oh honey. We were here because Connor is sick.
S: But I'm sick. My heart is broken. Who is going to fix my broken heart?
M: Well honey, let's see if we can see the nurse on our way out and see if she can fix your broken heart.

The nurse gave Sophie a bracelet to fix her broken heart. And Connor got a white dinosaur.

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