Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Dallas, we have Lift Off!

Connor is now walking.

My Floor

So I've been working a lot at work, so yes.... our house is a disaster zone. But almost every night I try and spend at least an hour cleaning up. And the one thing I'm cleaning up EVERY SINGLE NIGHT is the kitchen floor.

Did I mention... EVERY....SINGLE....NIGHT?

My children have discovered that the kitchen cabinets contain toys... toys they can reach... toys that they can just lay all over the area while I'm cooking or doing dishes and stepping on them in the process of trying to cook or do dishes.

This is one of those little payback things my mom was talking about isn't it?

Monday, July 22, 2013

Long time, no Post

Things have been a bit hectic around here, I'm sure everyone can understand that. But I thought I'd fill everyone in on the biggest transition in our life. Brian recently left his job and switched to an entirely new job in a new industry... the food industry. Well, kind of. More the Cow Business. Shall I tell you moo-re?

Here are some fun facts about the Dairy Business:

1. It takes 10 lbs. of milk to make 1 lb. of cheese, 21 lbs. of milk to make 1 lb. of butter, and 12 lbs. of milk to make 1 gallon of ice cream.

2. Milk is comprised of 85% - 95% water

3. A cow's udder holds between 25-50 lbs. of pure milk.

4. It takes about 345 squirts to produce one gallon of milk.

5. Before milking machines (invented in 1894) farmers only milked about 6 cows per hour. Today average dairy farmers milk more than 100 cows per hour.

6. There are about 11 million cows in America and they make about 57.5 billion quarts of milk this year.

7. George Washington enjoyed ice cream so much he ran up a $200 bill one summer.

8. Yak's milk is pink

9. The U.S. enjoys an average of 48 pints of ice cream per person per year, more than any other country.

10. A cow chews at least 50 times a minute.

Milk is healthier than juice and soda. And has more vitamins and nutrients than any other beverage including water. We are big fans of milk. When I'm pregnant I will go through 4 gallons of milk in a week. Now that we are a family of 4, and I'm not pregnant, we go through about 1 gallon of milk in a week. The amount of ice cream we go through is about a quart a month. When I pregnant, the amount of ice cream I'll go through... well... I refuse to comment because it's an obscene amount. I think the remainder of my baby weight is completely due to ice cream.

Anyway, I'm sorry for taking so long to post something and hopefully we'll have more soon. Until then, drink some milk and think of the Oneys.

Todays information is provided by the following links:
20-20 site
Winder Farms
Umpqua Dairy

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Sophie Says...

Sophie: Mom you're mean.
Mommy: I know. I'm a real monster.
S: No, you are not a monster.
M: I know. I'm a dragon.
S: No you aren't. You don't turn into anything when you go to sleep. You are a people.
M: What?! You mean I'm not a troll?
S: No, you are a people.
M: What about a vampire? Are you sure I'm not a vampire?
S: I hate vampires. And I hate bugs. Your mommy says I can hate bugs if I want to. So it's ok for me to say I hate bugs.

Sophie: Mommy, Grammy got me sunglasses. I have to wear them so they protect my eyes from cataracts.

Sophie: I want Mommy to have 10 babies!
Grammy: You are a good big sister!
S: Grammy, I don't want 10 babies. I want 11!

Sophie: Mom did you know cars have eyelashes?
Mom: Really?
Sophie: Yeah, they go up and down.
Mom: What is she talking about Brian?
Dad: She's talking about the windshield wipers.
Mom: Oh.

Sophie: Mom, Connor pooped!
Mom: No honey I checked him. There is no poop.
Sophie: But he's stinky.
Mom: Maybe it's from last time he pooped. I just changed his diaper.
Sophie: Or maybe Connor's butt is just stinky.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Sophie's 1st Swim Lesson

We have been a little slow at getting Sophie signed up for swimming lessons. However, we finally slowed down enough in our schedules to get Sophie started on her first swim lessons.




Swim lessons were a hit with Sophie. She was disappointed to leave, but is looking forward to her lessons next week.

Independence Day 2013

With the kids in Kansas, Brian and I decided to do a low-key July 4th, especially considering our July 3rd motorcycle adventure.  Doing nothing wasn't exactly an option for me, so we eventually decided to spend sometime outside at Grapevine Lake.

The water was warm. The area was popular. And fireworks show over the lake would also start at 9:30pm.

We didn't stay for the firework show. With yesterdays late night and then a couple hours swimming in the lake, we were just too tired to wait for the fireworks and then have to fight traffic to get home.

Hope everyone had a happy Independence Day!

Friday, July 5, 2013

A Week Away

Sophie and Connor  got a week long vacation to Kansas in which they spent the week with Grammy & Papa Barton. During their week in Kansas they got to watch fireworks, eat icecream, water plants, play at the playground, install a swing, traveled to Salina to visit Aunt Lizzy &Uncle Britt, played hide and go seek, and more.

During the week my parents sent me photos of the kids' adventure in Kansas.