Monday, July 1, 2013

Connor's Country Birthday Party

We are a little late in celebrating Connor's first birthday, but we finally had a party worthy of our little Texan, his friends, and sister. We went out to the country so our animals could run, pet, and play with other animals.

The kids got an opportunity to pet and play with some farm animals. All the animals were super fat, which made us believe they were pregnant. Nope.... some were male... they were just very well fed. Looks like obesity isn't just a human problem. Then again, animal obesity means better burgers... so please continue to feed/overfeed your animals.

The 'main attraction' for the kids seems to be the live pony rides. Sophie was in absolute heaven. She's already informed her parents (aka- us) that she's saving her allowance to purchase a pony.

Connor was a little more skeptical of the pony. I think he was questioning the animals motives, the aerodynamics, and calculating possible risks. You know.... like an engineer.

The other kids (mostly older) did great. And I think the parents got a kick out of it as well.

Then they had a "train ride", aka- hook up a wagon to a lawn mower, for the kids.

The adults were not allowed on the 'train ride' (I saw many of them complain about that as they stood in the shade talking and cooling off with a drink)... so they had a John Deere tractor ride which allowed for the parents.

There was a playground and a bounce house where the kids could also burn more energy. That was probably one of the best parts, just letting the kids run around.... be kids... go just about everywhere unsupervised... and let them go wild.

Later we had cake and cupcakes (which I made) and cookies made by another. With the farm venue and harvest season happening in Kansas I couldn't resist a John Deere theme.

We'd like to thank everyone who joined us for his birthday. Connor is a very special little man. And we know God has great things planned for him. And his bossy (or as Sophie calls herself "Sweetie") sister.

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