Thursday, July 4, 2013

Our Colossal July 3rd Adventure

Being without kids this week we planned to have a motorcycle adventure to the Dinosaur Valley State Park. We just didn't expect it to be this big of an adventure.

Dinosaur Valley State park is located near Glen Rose, TX which is about 68 miles south west of the DFW Metroplex. So Wednesday evening, Brian and I got out the motorcycle and headed on our way for a bit of hiking, sightseeing, and riding.

When you get there you are greeted by 2 large fiberglass dinosaurs.

Dinosaur Valley State Park is known for the dinosaur tracks found around the area. The first "track site" is named The Blue Hole. When we were there it was 18 feet deep spring fed swim hole that fluctuates from 12 to 21 feet deep. You can find 3 toed tracks can be found on the ledge.

At the 2nd track site there are lots of three toed carnivorous dinosaur tracks and some large round brontosaur-like tracks).

We put our feet in some of the tracks to give you some perspectives.

There were also several hiking trails in the area. The overlook site was the one suggested to us. The views were beautiful.

We took an alternative route back along the semi-dry Paluxy River bed. Equally beautiful view with the setting sun.

This was the part of our adventure that was planned. And I take full responsibility for the planned part of our adventure.

After leaving Dinosaur Valley and Glen Rose, we got another unexpected undesirable adventure as the motorcycle started having problems along highway 67.

With the sun setting, and the motorcycle only getting us a quarter of a mile before stopping, we finally stop at an Energy Transfer Station on the side of the road in the middle of nowhere. Well not really no where, we were 12 miles from Glen Rose and 9 miles from Cleburne.

I'm not going to cast blame, or explain who is responsible for what, but needless to say our evening was spent on the side of the road talking to AAA, watching Glen Rose fireworks from a distance, walking around the gravel lot, and finally over 2 hours later being picked up and getting the motorcycle towed back home.

When our adventure began it was around 5pm. By the time we got home it was around 1pm. But we made it home and as Brian said "We won't forget it". Yeah.... no joke!

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