Monday, August 26, 2013

Sophia- Pre-K Begins

 Sophie's first day of Pre-K began today!

1. Pre-K is the class she's in... next year Kindergarten.
2. 8-26-2013 is today's date and her first day of school.
3. As of today she's 4 years old.
4. Her favorite color is pink
5. Her school is in Arlington, TX
6. Her favorite food is chicken nuggets
7. When she grows up she wants to be a ballerina and a doctor
8. Her best friend is Giselle.
9. Her teachers is Ms. Taylor

What is not listed on the poster?
10. Her favorite time at school is center time
11. Favorite recess game is hide and seek
12. She picked out her own clothes to wear to school today
13. We learned that Matthew threw up on his first day of school (according to Sophie after I picked her up)
14. Fish die if you feed them too much and then you have to put them in the trash (again... lesson Sophie learned today at school)
15. And when you throw up (vomit) ants crawl into your mouth and dance in your tummy and make you feel sick. (Another Sophie lesson from school).

End of Summer Swim Lessons

Well we finished 2 classes of swim lessons with Sophie this summer. For 2 months now all of our Saturdays have been spent in on the benches watching her maneuvering the water with all sorts of flotation devices. She's got her certificates for both classes. And it is finally over.

Now on to soccer for the next 2 months.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Benefits of Having a Dog with Children

A family having a dog is a mutually beneficial living arrangement.

1. The dog never goes hungry and keeps the floor clean.

2. The dog entertains the kids and the kids keep him entertained with more food.

3. The dog provides you with a security system, and well... your kids are loud enough anyway, what's a little more barking thrown into the mix? And the dog gets... well you guessed it... food.

4. If you aren't able to clean a messy baby that is done eating right away, no problem. You have someone who will give him a nice tongue bath prior to tubby time. And the dog gets... more food.

When Brian took Oscar a week ago to Kansas with him, I almost cried at how dirty my kitchen floor was. I even had to... dare I say it.... get out the broom, dustpan, and swiffer. I was so happy when Oscar got back because it guaranteed that I wouldn't find wet spaghetti stuck to the soles of my feet after meal time. It really is the little joys in life.

Have kids? Get a dog.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Swimsuit for the Zoo?

I've found that before you go to a zoo, particularly in the hot summer months, you check out the zoos websites, because more and more zoos are starting to have splash parks and areas within the zoo. Brilliant idea right?

1. Columbus Zoo in Ohio
2. Memphis Zoo in Tennessee
3. Water Zoo in Oklahoma
4. Houston Zoo in Texas
5. Audubon Zoo in Louisiana
6. Louisiville Zoo in Kentucky
7. Jacksonville Zoo in Florida
8. Indianapolis Zoo in Ohio
9. Knoxville Zoo in Tennessee
10. Phoenix Zoo in Arizona
11. Capron Park Zoo in Massachusetts
12. San Diego Zoo in California
13. Miami Metro Zoo in Florida
14. Tampa's Lowry Park Zoo in Florida
15. Dallas Zoo in Texas

My pictures come from the Dallas Zoo here in Texas.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Family Day at the Dallas Zoo

In celebration of the Dallas Zoo's 125th birthday, admission to the zoo was reduced from the normal adult price of $12 to $5. If you know me, you know I love the zoo. I've gotten family memberships to zoos and many times when we go on trips we often made a stop at a zoo- Omaha, Wichita, Memphis, etc... I'm not sure what it is specifically, but I love seeing different kinds of animals. Like...





Andean Condors




And other animals. But I think one of the things I like best is that we are learning and discovering things together as a family. We learned that Sophie is almost bigger than an Emperor Penguin, but not quite.

That Connor was enraptured with the birds and tortoises.

That an owls wings allow them to fly silently through the night and often catch large animals like skunks for supper.

Sophie loved the metal animals that were around.

That Dad is infinitely a better navigator than the rest of us.

And that even though it was hot, and sometimes people were fussy or hungry, and others took too long taking pictures, we still enjoy each other.