Sunday, August 4, 2013

A Day Off for Mom

So Brian informed me that I could have a kid-free morning. Say what? I'd been planning on going to the Dallas Arboretum since it's August Dollar Days (admission is only $1 compared to the usual $15). Brian wasn't interested and he informed me it was going to be hot.

Well of course, it's August so sure it will be hot, but I figured as long as I get there when they open at 9am I should be good to go. How hot can it really be at 9am?

So, my experience went something like this....




Looks great.

Looks cool.

Man, that water looks so refreshing.

Where did all this heat come from? I'm dying out there. I wonder if I could just take a dip.


Well... what if no one is around?

I'd be dry within minutes and no one would know.

And now there are people here. Dang it! I'm so HOT!

Well yes... I'm hot, but I'm also hot!

Wait, what is this I see?


Oh yeah... I'm getting wet baby!

Shhhhh! Don't tell Brian that he was right about the temperature.

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