Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Benefits of Having a Dog with Children

A family having a dog is a mutually beneficial living arrangement.

1. The dog never goes hungry and keeps the floor clean.

2. The dog entertains the kids and the kids keep him entertained with more food.

3. The dog provides you with a security system, and well... your kids are loud enough anyway, what's a little more barking thrown into the mix? And the dog gets... well you guessed it... food.

4. If you aren't able to clean a messy baby that is done eating right away, no problem. You have someone who will give him a nice tongue bath prior to tubby time. And the dog gets... more food.

When Brian took Oscar a week ago to Kansas with him, I almost cried at how dirty my kitchen floor was. I even had to... dare I say it.... get out the broom, dustpan, and swiffer. I was so happy when Oscar got back because it guaranteed that I wouldn't find wet spaghetti stuck to the soles of my feet after meal time. It really is the little joys in life.

Have kids? Get a dog.

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