Monday, August 26, 2013

Sophia- Pre-K Begins

 Sophie's first day of Pre-K began today!

1. Pre-K is the class she's in... next year Kindergarten.
2. 8-26-2013 is today's date and her first day of school.
3. As of today she's 4 years old.
4. Her favorite color is pink
5. Her school is in Arlington, TX
6. Her favorite food is chicken nuggets
7. When she grows up she wants to be a ballerina and a doctor
8. Her best friend is Giselle.
9. Her teachers is Ms. Taylor

What is not listed on the poster?
10. Her favorite time at school is center time
11. Favorite recess game is hide and seek
12. She picked out her own clothes to wear to school today
13. We learned that Matthew threw up on his first day of school (according to Sophie after I picked her up)
14. Fish die if you feed them too much and then you have to put them in the trash (again... lesson Sophie learned today at school)
15. And when you throw up (vomit) ants crawl into your mouth and dance in your tummy and make you feel sick. (Another Sophie lesson from school).

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  1. She is hysterical!! She has already learned so much at school! ;)