Monday, August 19, 2013

Swimsuit for the Zoo?

I've found that before you go to a zoo, particularly in the hot summer months, you check out the zoos websites, because more and more zoos are starting to have splash parks and areas within the zoo. Brilliant idea right?

1. Columbus Zoo in Ohio
2. Memphis Zoo in Tennessee
3. Water Zoo in Oklahoma
4. Houston Zoo in Texas
5. Audubon Zoo in Louisiana
6. Louisiville Zoo in Kentucky
7. Jacksonville Zoo in Florida
8. Indianapolis Zoo in Ohio
9. Knoxville Zoo in Tennessee
10. Phoenix Zoo in Arizona
11. Capron Park Zoo in Massachusetts
12. San Diego Zoo in California
13. Miami Metro Zoo in Florida
14. Tampa's Lowry Park Zoo in Florida
15. Dallas Zoo in Texas

My pictures come from the Dallas Zoo here in Texas.

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