Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Introducing the Tornadoes!

And now the moment you have all been waiting for, may I present the the terrors of Texas, the menace of the Midwest, the fright of the night, and the dismay of the day, our soccer team The TORNADOES!

Introducing the Twister Twins: Taylor & Hunter. If there is a ball nearby, they are after it with speed, leaving a trail of destruction in their wake.

 In the front of the line you'll see our littlest player Brody, our F1 may be small but he's capable of damaging the opponents and moves easily around the other players.
 Behind him is Logan the Limber. Below is him showing off his moves. His talents will come in handy as he manipulates around the field in getting the ball back on course and headed towards the goal.

 Next we have Storming Sophia, she moves with lightening speed and has a power kick that sounds like thunder.

 Beside her is the Blast, or Brenden. Also equipt with a power kick, he's scored as many goals as Sophia and has no problem getting the ball into the goal from a distance.

Cyclone Cailyn (5th in line) is skilled and once released will cripple the contenders, but she hesitates and waits for a perfect opportunity to unleash her fury.

Jerry is our F5 and pictured last in line here. He knows the game, he can score goals, control the ball, and can wreck havoc on the team when he has the ball. This kid has unleashed his furor before... and the kids tremble once he's on the field.

Supercell Zoey is coming into her own and picking up the sport quickly. It won't be long before she releases her might onto the field.

Rado the Tornado (no pictures of him yet) has all the predictions of being a fantastic storm on the field, but like other superheroes he's afraid to unleash his awesomeness on the innocent. Hopefully by the end of the season, he'll get his chance to darken the soccer fields.

All these warning signs and power packed players point towards a fast approaching storm of talent, teamwork, and triumph on the soccer field. A storm is brewing on Saturdays in Arlington, Texas. They are your one and only TORNADOES!

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