Sunday, September 1, 2013

Pentatonix at the Pavillion

I'm not a person who chooses to spend money on concerts. In fact, I usually decline going to concerts because I have a hard time with crowds. Particularly loud fans, sitting or standing close to others, or enclosed space. I'd rather stay home and listen to them from a distance. That said, I don't mind open air concerts where there is a lot of room. And if make the whole thing free and non-smoking and I'm in!

Arlington's Levitt Pavilion typically has 50 free concerts a year, outside, smoke free, on the grass and under the stars. You can bring your dogs or close enough your children. You can bring in your own food and beverages as well. It's like going to a really awesome picnic at night with music!

Then if you add not just an 'ok' band but add a band that is amazingly awesome accapella group with clean lyrics, you have Arlington natives and NBC Sing offs winners- PENTATONIX!

Ever heard of them? I have videos from the concert, but they aren't very good. You can hear the crowd more than them.

Here's their YouTube videos of some of my favorites:

For more information on the Levitt Pavilion in Arlington, TX, click HERE.

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