Sunday, September 29, 2013

Self Confessed Soccer Mom

Yep, I drive a mini-van, which I refer to as the BatVan. It makes it sound cooler, don't you think? But if we were to be honest with each other... Bruce Wayne has nothing to do with my family or vehicle. Sad isn't it? But this year we are actively involved in our daughter's soccer team. So involved I am the coach. I'm not sure which is scarier.... 10 three and four year olds outnumbering me, or the fact that those 10 three and four year olds look to be for guidance? I'll let you pick.

Either way, we are very proud of our daughter as she gets better at the game and with teamwork. And of course I'm also proud of all of her teammates. We have reached the half way point of the soccer season and have only 4 more games to go. Part of me is thrilled that I'll get my Saturdays back, but another part of me is enjoying all of this. I look forward to practice and games.

Guess we may have to consider the spring soccer season? Wonder if her team and the parents are up for another round in March or April?

*These pictures were taken by Jerry's grandmother... aren't they great?*

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