Saturday, September 7, 2013

Soccer- First Practice & First Game

Brian and I have wanted to get Sophie actively engaged in a team sport, but finding time on our schedules and a place where we could do this took awhile. Eventually the YMCA, where Sophie got her swim lessons this summer, advertised soccer and we had to sign her up. We wanted a team sport which required her to work and help others... not just boss them around like she does with her brother. And since I'd played soccer for years I figured we were already kind of ahead of the curve because I could help her practice.

Needless to say, her team ended up 'coach-less' and so I was asked if I would mind coaching. So, two weeks ago I took up the title of Coach Oney. On our team we had ten kids: Brody, Brennan, Jerry, Hunter, Taylor, Zoey, Caitlyn, Sophia, Logan, and Rado; and several encouraging parents. One parent even happens to be a professional photographer! Hallelujah! We will always get great pictures of our kids!

After 2 weeks, we finally had our first soccer game today and I was a bit nervous to see how it would work out. We spent most of our practices working on running, helping keep distance from teammates, getting the ball away from others, scoring goals, controlling the ball, etc... and not much on the actual basic rules of the game. So I tried to make up for that before the game reminding them not to take the ball away from teammates, which goal to score in, and helped try and direct them on the field where to go.

During the game I learned more about our team- The Tornadoes. I learned that they do an EXCELLENT job of NOT picking up the ball with their hands! They listen to the referee when the whistle blows most of the time. They love the snacks afterward. And they ALL want the ball. Things I need to work on, trying to keep them focused on the ball and going after it, encouraging others to come onto the field, and overall team building.

We ended the game with a massive win- mostly due to Jerry who I think scored at least 12 goals. Sophie scored 1. Brody I think also scored 1, definitely assisted with at least 1. Hunter scored 1. And I think Taylor also scored 1. And in the end, everyone went home with a juice pouch, fruit snacks, and a win so I think overall it was a good game. I look forward to next week when our Tornadoes take on the Tigers!

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