Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Texas Tornadoes- Game 2

This week the Texas Tornadoes took on the Tigers (try saying that three times fast!).

We did a pretty good job scoring goals, some of them even in our goal. Oops.

 This inevitably lead to a mid-game lesson. "Tornadoes, which goal do we need to score in?" The response, "That one!" as they point.
 Got it now!

 Even Sophie ended up scoring a goal! In the correct goal even.

 Several of the kiddos scored goals, including Jerry, Hunter, Taylor, Sophia, and Brennan. And many assists from all the kids!

 And lots and lots of running by all.

 Then we also got a lecture from the referee on hitting and pushing other teams and teammates. Figure this would happen at some point. Guess we might as well start taking care of this in the early stages of the soccer season.

 I totally lost count on who scored how many goals (correct goal and incorrect goal) from both teams so I have no idea who won. I'd say it was pretty close to a tie. Either way, the kids are catching on quick and I look forward to more games!

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