Sunday, October 6, 2013

Discovering the Dallas Stars

So it's almost a given that Texas would have at least 1 NFL team, and we have 2- Cowboys and Texans. Basketball and baseball also make sense. But this is Texas in Winter:

The last place you'd expect a cold winter sport like hockey to take place would be here. Ice is something made in a refrigerator here. Hockey would be played someplace where winter is like this:

 See the difference?

But believe it or not, Dallas Texas has the Dallas Stars NHL team. Being from the Midwest hockey wasn't exactly a watched or practice sport. So I was grateful for the opportunity to watch an actual hockey game. My only real "experience" of hockey, would be the Mighty Ducks movie. Pathetic... I know.

Again we were lucky enough to get suite tickets from Bell.

Also we happen to go when the Dallas Stars were relaunching their hockey team. They have a new coach- Jim Nill (previous assistant GM to Detroit Red Wings), the new No. 2 draft pick and all star player Tyler Seguin (won 1 Stanley Cup in 2011; went to Stanley Cup playoffs in 2013, and is only 21 years old), and a new logo.

The Dallas Stars play at the American Airline Center, same place as the Dallas Mavericks. So to create the hockey rink "the slab beneath the ice contains eight miles of one-inch pipe and requires 10,000 gallons of water for one sheet of ice." And to keep it cold the arena has "a 4,600 ton air conditioning system and a humidification system that extracts 500 gallons of moisture per hour."

And despite the fact that the team is a U.S. team, the Dallas Stars only has 4 of their 24 players that are from the United States.  66% of the teams players are from Canada. One is from Finland, 1 from France, and 2 from Russia.

The opposing team- Washington Capitals have 5 US players out of 29 players. Which actually makes the Dallas Stars more American than the Washington Capitals. But the Capitals are more diverse with 15 Canadians, 3 from the Czech Republic, 2 Germans, 2 Russians, and 2 Swedish players.

Either way, the season is off to a great start. Washington may have shut down the government, but the Dallas Stars shut down the Capitals with a 2-1 win.

For more information about the Dallas Stars, click HERE.

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