Saturday, October 12, 2013

Random Moments of Chaos

Lately the weekends at the Oney household have been slightly drab. They start off with breakfast, playtime, a soccer game, lunch, nap, clean house, playtime, supper, bath, playtime, bedtime. The only difference on Sunday is the substitution of the soccer game for church. It's been awhile since we've gone somewhere fun with the kids. But that doesn't mean we haven't had pockets of fun inside the house on the weekends.

One weekend my Dad came to visit. When we were kids he used to manipulate us with the promise to pay us $1 for combing his hair or rubbing his head for 1 hour. And of course we did it because we thought $1 was a lot of money for such an easy job. Our problem.... we couldn't ever make it to 1 hour. It was too boring. Even after giving him mohawks and ponytails. Since we've all grown older and wiser, Dad has been left without someone to rub his head.... until now. Sophie lasted about 10 minutes, but hey... she was happy to help comb PaPa's hair.

Then lately it seems like laundry is an every weekend thing. I remember a time not so long ago (college) when I could go for 3 whole weeks without doing laundry. Now, we have 3 more people and seems like all our clothes get dirty within a week. However, Sophie is really good about putting her clothes away. And Connor is still learning, but he's helpful putting clothes in the laundry basket... then going for a ride.

If the kids show good behavior, sometimes I'll turn the tv on to a Disney or VeggieTale movie and then get a 'movie night'.

Does anyone else have any suggestions of fun things to do as a family from home? With chores I lately have found myself too tired to go out with the kids.

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