Sunday, October 20, 2013

Texas Tornadoes- Game 6

Out of the depths of the swamp, a tornado emerges sucking into it's deadly vortex the most feared and ancient of monsters, alligators. As a result you have... GATOR-NADO!

So if you have been listening to the radio, or tv, or social media sights you'll know that there is a completely ridiculous movie out there called Shark-nado. Where a cyclone sucks up Mako and Great White Sharks and scatters them on land where they attack all humans. It's stupid. It's completely science fiction. And I've watched it. Then again, so have thousands of other people so I don't feel that dumb. My husband may disagree. Anyway, our soccer game of the Tornadoes vs. the Gators made me think about that stupid movie. 

I digress, we completely obliterated the Gators. Winning 15 to 3. 

On a side note, should any movie be made inspired by Gator-nado I'd like full credit for coming up with something that completely stupid which will in turn earn millions of dollars from the public. Because lets' be honest, most of my stupid ideas end up with me owing money... not earning money. Just ask my husband. 

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